Sunday, August 9, 2009

Much Tudoring Going On

I'm still here. I've been busy knitting and spinning while catching up on The Tudors. I just finished with Season 3 today only to find out there is one last season and then that's it.

I'm working on the Ice Fantasia shawl by Anne Hanson. I have about two repeats to go and then the edging before it's finished. It's a really simple shawl and the yarn is nice (Fearless Fibers), although I think I prefer Kim's laceweight. It turns out I bought the exact yarn in the exact color as the photo and in the pattern.

I need to finish my son's cardigan I started last year and the last sleeve of Luskentyre. I have some Christmas knitting to do and then the Northern America Dale Knit Along after the holidays. OMG. I guess there isn't much time left in this year... something like 4 months. Seriously?

Work has been kicking my patootie, thus another reason for non-blogging. I come home cranky and stressed out and knitting soothes the savage beast in me. I will update soon with photos.