Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Again

I've decided I'm tired of giving Typepad my money every month. I just couldn't see spending money every month when I hardly used it. Unfortunately Typepad made it nearly impossible to move my blog with me, so I guess it's starting over. Starting over isn't that bad. Also, the Typepad website was inaccessible at work and there have been many times I felt like blogging at lunch. Maybe I'll be a more frequent blogger now.

I have been working on the Bee Fields shawl by Anne Hanson and here it is! I used Kim's laceweight in Tupelo Honey.

I have also started another shawl of Anne's, Whispering Pines. This one is also done in Kim's laceweight but this colorway is Scarlett Devil. I don't see it on her site any longer, but it's a beautiful true red. Of course, red is a difficult color to photograph, but here is my attempt.

Anyway, this is a quickie post from me. Happy Memorial Day!!